Small Condoms: A Complete Guide

Small Condoms: A Complete Guide

There is absolutely no shame in buying a condom that fits your anatomy.  Typical condom sizes only properly fit on average about 80% of men. A ‘one size fits most’ approach doesn’t accommodate everyone!  Condoms of all sizes and styles available in the market, including small condoms. Some men will require a small condom, often marketed as a snug fit condom. In reality, an average penis size is about 5.5 inches long, of which approximately 30% of men have penises which are smaller than this at erected length.

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Buy Small Condoms

Some men feel too embarrassing for to buy small condoms from a local store. Though there is no reason to feel ashamed, it’s a very personal matter.  Modern culture has made us think that bigger is better, even though the Greeks preferred a smaller member.  When it comes to safety, there is no room for embarrassment.

It has been estimated that half of men who use ill-fitting condoms have problems during intercourse regularly.  A well-fitted condom enhances your sexual activity with more protection. It is advisable to always wear a condom of the size that makes you feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

Buying Small Condoms Through Online Retailers.

There are a number of reasons to buy small condoms from online retailers instead of in person. Online stores send condoms and other adult products in unmarked packets so that no one knows what is inside it except you.  Having the right sized small condoms will boost your confidence, and you will fully enjoy the sex with your partner without any fear of distractions or issues during an intimate moment.

Many men avoid buying a condom from an open store that mentions a small size on its packing. Perhaps they feel embarrassed about what other people will think about them. Due to this small reason, they spoil the pleasure of love making in their lives.

Another benefit of purchasing condoms of any size through online retailers is that condoms are commonly much cheaper than those available in local stores. This is especially true for specialty products like small condoms.  Online stores usually sell condoms in boxes of 24 or 36. Buying in bulk online can save you up to half the cost per condom in comparison to the price of single condom in the local market. If you like to enjoy the full pleasures of the sex, purchasing small condoms online is the way to go.

A Recent History Of Small Condoms

Nowadays, many condom manufacturers are making in small and even extra small sizes. Even a decade ago it was very difficult to buy small condoms. Many men felt embarrassed to ask for a small size condom in a store due.  Local retailers often don’t carry specialty adult products, and even many adult stores did not carry small condoms. Despite the fact that all men do not have same size penis, men have had no choice but to use the condoms of average size.

The demand for small and extra small size condoms as awareness of such products is increasing, and people have better access to information and niche products. Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias’ son Julio Iglesias introduced his own extra small condoms recently. Julio explained in recent interviews that he found it very difficult to find small sized condoms in the market, and had decided to help other men facing the same issue.

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There are quite a number online stores where you can buy high-quality condoms of an appropriate size.

These are some of the best sites to buy small condoms.

How To Choose The Right Sized Condom

A common mistake made by men while buying condoms is to focus on the length as the priority.  Men who are shopping for an appropriately sized condom should take into consideration the girth of their member, which is more important than the length for a proper fit.  Condoms of all sizes are made much longer than most people could possibly use, so the width is the metric that should be focused on when shopping for an appropriately sized condom.  If a condom is loose, it may slide off and cause pregnancy or transmit a sexual disease whereas if it is tight then it may tighten the blood vessels and decreases the blood flow. This will cause less erection and decrease the pleasure. It is the width of the condom rather than its length measurement which guide you in making the right decision while buying a suitable condom for yourself.

If a condom is too loose it may slide off, exposing the wearer to potential pregnancy or transmit a sexual disease.  Conversely, if a condom is too tight, it may restrict the blood vessels and decreases blood flow. This usually causes a less firm erection and decrease pleasure for both parties.  You’ll be more comfortable in a moment of intimacy with a proper fitting small condom.