Female Condoms: A How To Guide

Where Can I Buy Female Condoms?

Like male condoms, female condoms also provide protection from pregnancy and STDs. Even when using alternative methods of birth control, it is advisable to use condoms while having sex to protect from STD. Female condoms are not as common as the male condoms. These condoms are inserted into the vagina or anus instead of being rolled onto the penis. In the US, the female condom is also referred by their brand name FC2 Female condom or internal condoms. For some, these specialty condoms can be more comfortable than using male condoms since they are less restricted to your partner’s member.

What Retailers Sell Female Condoms?

Female condoms are a little harder to find than male condoms. Getting this variety of condom is a no stress process since they don’t require a prescription, and you don’t need to show your ID. In the USA, there is only one brand accepted by the FDA which is the FC2 Female condom. For those with allergies or sensitivities, condoms are totally hypoallergenic and don’t cause skin irritation for those with sensitive genital skin.

Where To Buy Female Condoms Locally

You can find condoms of all kinds in drugstores, some supermarkets, planned parenthood stores and other family planning health clinics. Buying female condoms in person can feel embarrassing for some people, but safety is more important than a little social discomfort.

Some of the stores that sell female condoms include:

Walmart: 24 hours at most locations.

Walgreens: 24 hours for most locations.

Kroger: hours vary by location

Safeway: Typical hours are 7.00 am- 10.00pm

Target: Typical hours are 8.00am- 12.00am

Cvs: Hours vary by municipality, but commonly are around 8.00am- 9.00pm

Walmart or target stores and other grocery stores are quite large, and you may find it difficult to locate the female condoms in a pinch. However, they are convenient for those who are shy when buying condoms since they feel more anonymous. You can use the self-checkout and avoid the judging eyes of people in line behind you.

Pharmacies and CVS stores are also one of the places you can buy female condoms. Here you will find probably one style of female condoms, but you can also ask for assistance from the attendant on how to use them. Pharmacies such as Walgreens offer condoms at pocket-friendly quantities but don’t often have the best prices.

Female condoms are also available in wholesale stores such as Costco. If you want to save some money and buy condoms in bulk, then Costco can be a solution. Keep in mind that condoms expire after a maximum of 3-5 years for them to be highly effective. Avoid using expired female condoms!

Where To Buy Female Condoms Online

If you want to do research on styles and prices of female condoms, the internet remains the most convenient way to gather relevant information. Female condoms are also available in 24 hours online shops, which can be shipped anonymously to your home. Some of the pharmacies and stores such as Walgreens and Walmart have 24hrs operating online shops where you can conveniently purchase condoms and other personal products.

Amazon is perhaps the best site to purchase condoms. You can also check out specialty online shops that offer condoms such as CondomDepot, Rip n Roll, among others if they have female condoms available. If a female condom is needed immediately, it’s not advisable to use an online site because delivery takes time. You can purchase your condoms online and have them delivered at your doorstep if you have at least a couple days before you need them. This also helps in preventing the embarrassment that some people feel buying condoms over the counter. Moreover, you can shop from anywhere at any time using online available stores.

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How Much Do Female Condoms Cost?

Female condoms can cost you a couple of dollars but they are totally worth it. Considering the protection they offer from early pregnancies and STDs, paying around 6 dollars for a pack of 3 female condoms is not much. In addition, there are some family planning clinics and local health centers provide them for free.

How Do You Use Female Condoms?

Female condoms have a little bit technicality than the male condoms. If you have used a tampon before you will find no difficulty in inserting a female condom either. This are simple instructions on how to insert your female condom:

1. Check the expiry date before carefully opening the package.

2. If you wish you can add some lubrication or spermicide although it comes lubricated.

3. Place yourself in a comfortable position such as lying down, putting one foot on a chair or squatting. You should also feel relaxed before inserting the condom. 

4. Squeeze the sides of the inner ring and slide it into the vagina. Push it into the vagina as far as it can go, up to the cervix. Make sure not to twist it.

5. Pull you finger out and leave the outer ring hanging an inch outside the vagina. 

6. During sex, guide your partner’s penis into the condom opening. Make sure it doesn’t slip to the side between the condom and the vaginal walls.

It can also be used for anal sex. You also insert the inner ring into the anus and leave the outer ring hanging about an inch outside the anus.

How To Remove A Female Condom:

1. After you enjoy having protected sex, twist the hanging outer ring to keep the semen in the pouch.

2. Pull the female condom out of the vagina or anus gently and carefully so as not to spill the semen.

3. Wrap your used condom with a tissue or paper and throw to the trash. Avoid flashing them down the toilet, they can cause a blockage.

4. Remember, Female condoms are not reusable. 

In Conclusion:

You can enjoy better sex with female condoms. You can insert the female condom ahead of time which avoids interruptions and keeps things spontaneous. These condoms can be inserted up to eight hours before use and still be effective.  Female condoms can be safe and fun when used responsibly.