Buying Condoms For The First Time

Buying Condoms For The First Time

The self-induced stigma associated with buying condoms for the first time often makes it a real struggle for most people. While most prefer privacy when buying condoms for the first time, it is no longer a privilege especially if you do so in a crowded store. This awkward feeling never gets old no matter how experienced or old you are, thus several methods people have been devised to buy them discreetly. Some of the best methods to access condoms without feeling uncomfortable are highlighted below.

1. Relax. It’s Completely Normal To Buy Condoms.

Although you may feel like everyone is staring at you, remember that purchasing condoms is normal and responsible for your sexual and reproductive health. Unless you are underage, you need to relax, take a deep breath, walk to the store, pick your condoms and head to the cashier for checkout. Most people mind their own business at the store and probably won’t even notice your purchase. So, try to act cool about this experience and it will be easier for you.

2. Buy Condoms Online For The First Time

Online shopping offers the highest level of privacy for first-time buyers. Research the numerous online stores that sell condoms as well as the brands available. You can order them, pay using a credit card or debit card and have them delivered to your home in a simple inconspicuous packaging. You shouldn’t worry about the name of the store appearing on your credit or debit card transactions. The names used by these stores on your cards are more modest.

3. Buy Condoms Alongside Other Items

Buying condoms for the first time together with other items makes it more comfortable for you when paying for them at the counter. This distracts the attention of the cashier and other buyers from your box of condoms as your other purchases conceal and disguise them. This is actually the method most people prefer, as it is easier and faster.

4. Purchase Condoms In Person Away From Where You Live.

If you live in a neighborhood where most people know you, you may feel guilty buying condoms for the first time from the nearby store. If you are afraid of running into familiar people, then consider driving to a store that is 10 to 30 minutes away from your residence. Since no one knows you there, you will be completely free from judgment by family and friends.

5. Use The Self-Checkout System To Purchase Condoms

If you are one of the many people who can’t bear having the cashier’s look when paying for condoms, then the automatic check out is the perfect way to purchase condoms. You only need to search for stores that have the automatic self-checkout system, scan your purchases and pay for them at a secluded register. This helps you to avoid long queues and crowds of people at the payment counter.

6. Visit An Adult Store To Buy Condoms For The First Time.

This is where no one will mind seeing you buy millions of condoms. If you are above 18 years old, then you have every right to purchase condoms from an adult store. Everyone in an adult store buys sex-related goods, thus no reason to feel out-of-place with your box of condoms. The cashiers and sellers here will be of great help to you in case of any doubts that come with buying condoms for the first time.

7. Buy Condoms From A Clinic.

Most clinics offer sex education and condoms free of charge to teens and adults. When you visit any HIV/STD prevention center, you will be made knowledgeable about the various options available and how to use them correctly, and they will address any of your questions or concerns.

Why Do I Need To Buy Condoms?

Condoms are for the prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancies, but this can only be achieved if they are used correctly. To get the right condom for your needs, you should first check its size chart and pick one that is the right size for you or your partner. If it is too big or small, it will slide off or tear during intercourse, thus will not serve its purpose. There is also the matter of latex versus non-latex condoms. Latex condoms are the preferred option, except if you are allergic to latex in which case you will use the later. You can also choose between lubricated and non-lubricated ones, textured or untextured, as well as flavored or unflavored options.  You might not know which style to choose if you are buying condoms for the first time, so you might purchase a couple styles.

Plan Ahead When Buying Condoms For The First Time

Once you find the brand and type that works for you and your partner, you can buy in bulk to avoid having to rush to the store every now and then whenever the need arises. It helps to check with your partner on the kind of condoms they like best before buying. Even better will it be if he or she accompanies you to the store or clinic for buying condoms for the first time.