Best Condoms: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Condoms

Best Condoms: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Condoms

Condoms are often seen as an inconvenience, not to mention a sensory killer. Though condoms are important to prevent pregnancy and STIs, they can also reduce the sensitivity.  Even the best condoms still block some of the sensation of intercourse, especially at the tip of the penis. That said, when protection is foregone in favor of pleasure, pregnancy can be an unwanted surprise.

Even The Best Condoms Can Be A Necessary Evil

Despite the compromises, wearing a condom is a necessary measure in many sexual engagements. It’s still advisable to wear a condom even if your partner is taking birth control. Preventing unwanted pregnancy and STIs are things both you and your partner should make a priority.  Since wearing a condom will be necessary, you’ll be looking for the best condom in terms of size, sensitivity, and features.

Considerations When Shopping For The Best Condoms

You’re wondering: what are the best condoms available to purchase?  Are some better than others?  In this guide, we discuss the features of the best condoms available.

Condoms are a necessary evil as they protect from STIs and pregnancy. You may choose to forgo preventive measures by foolishly opting to go in naked. However, doing so exposes you to many risks and incurable diseases like HIV. Using protection is the best way to go, especially if you are having casual encounters.  So if you MUST use a condom, what are the features of the best condoms available to purchase?

Choosing The Best Condoms

Go For Premium Brands For The Best Condoms

There are many trusted brands such as Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, and Okamoto among others premium condom brands. Typically, the condoms cost at least $0.20 per use. Premium condom brands give you extra pleasure and have performance enhancing features. The condoms are more flexible, thinner and very reliable.  There are many benefits of buying premium condoms.

Benefits of using the best premium condoms

  1. Premium condoms are rigorously tested.  The testing ensures maximum protection against unplanned pregnancy and STDs. Testing includes air, water, and electrostatic screening.
  2. Premium condoms have the most natural sensation.
  3. The condoms are often thinner to give you a more natural skin feeling without sacrificing reliability and safety.
  4. Enhances sexual performance.  The condoms may have dotted or ribbed texturing or other features designed to increase pleasure.

What you should look for when shopping for the best condoms

Non-latex versus latex condoms

Latex condoms are the gold standard when it comes to durability and strength. However, if your partner has a latex allergy, you will need a non-latex condom to make them comfortable.

Lubrication and testing

The brand should have lubrication. Some condom brands have lubrication infused with spermicide for protection against pregnancy. Some brands have unique lubrication feature with benzocaine ingredients to delay male organism and an outer lube that warms the genitals of your partner to increase pleasure.

Check whether the condom brand has undergone testing like electrostatic, air and water testing for pin holes among other imperfections prior to packaging.

Ribbed condoms

Not all partners love ribbed condoms. Check first if your partner enjoys the texture of ribbed condoms before buying. You can experiment by buying differently textured condoms. Patterns differ like bottom only, top only or ribbed from bottom to top. Condoms with excessive ribbing are thicker and delay ejaculation.


Most men love thinner condoms. However, if you want extra insulation to prevent premature ejaculation, steer away from thinner condoms. If you have trouble getting thin condoms, simply look for condom brands with delayed ejaculation lubrication.  Alternatively, you can purchase condoms online with your specifications.

Expiry date

Purchase only condoms with an expiry date. Most condoms have between 2 – 4 years. Discounted condoms are mostly close to the expiry date.

Why should I shop for the best condoms?

Even if the person you sleep with has no risk of getting pregnant, it does not reduce the need to use a condom. Prevention is a responsibility that you share with your partner. It’s best to discuss with your partner in working out a prevention strategy. Condoms are easy to use and easily available. Condoms make sex better as it makes partners comfortable with one another. Condoms are convenient, as you can purchase them from community health centers, local retailers, online and even gas stations.  Check out our guide on where you can buy condoms.

Condoms are sexy and give more pleasure and protection. Condoms come in various shapes, textures, and styles that increase sensation. Condom enhances foreplay especially when you add lube. Condoms delay ejaculation making sex last longer. You can use condoms for anal, oral and vaginal sex and get full protection from STDs irrespective of how you get down. With condoms, you focus on pleasure without worrying about pregnancy or STIs.

Safe sex is better as it prevents stress that can kill the mood. Condoms complement other birth control methods and make them work better. However, no method is 100% effective, but using a condom gives you the best backup that prevents STDs and pregnancy. Condoms are known to add extra protection to other birth control methods such as an implant, IUD, pill, ring, and shot. However, it is unwise to use both the male condom and the female condom together. You only need one to do the trick.

What If I’m Allergic To Condoms?

As a precaution, if you are allergic to latex, simply switch to an alternative non-latex condom. Condoms are manufactured from soft plastics like nitrile, polyisoprene, polyurethane. You can acquire latex free condoms from the same places you get your standard condoms.  Check out our guide to condom allergies for more information. Even if you have allergies to condoms, there is an assortment of best condoms available for you.

Our Three Favorite Best Condoms

There are some great condoms available on the market today with special features, and we’ve provided a guide to the best condoms below.  Manufacturers have been busy creating the best condoms possible, some of which have some pretty unique features. Below we’ve gathered some of the best condom products presently available on the market.

HEX Condoms By Lelo

best condoms stength sensation intimacy hex lelo

This new condom style by HEX condom by Lelo features interconnected hexagon structures, allowing body heat to be transmitted between partners for a closer feel. These super thin but extremely strong condoms have the perfect textured interior and a smooth exterior.  Is this the best condom for sale today?  We think it might be.

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Durex Ultra Thin Feel Condoms

Best Condoms invisible ultra thin durex

Brought to you by the largest manufacturer of condoms in the world, the iNViSiBLE ultra thin condom stands alone! These very thin condoms are 20% thinner than a typical condom, which brings sensation and reliability all into one product.  Try one of these, and you’ll quickly see why this is one of the best condoms available on the market.

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Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin

Best Condoms Crown Latex

No one knows condoms like porn stars, and they rave about this product. Online testimonies indicate these very thin but strong condoms designed in Japan are the best condom according to adult actors.  The ‘Bareback’ feeling of this condoms is one of the reasons this product is one of our favorites on this best condoms list.  You MUST try this one to believe it.

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Have The Best Condoms On Hand BEFORE You Need Them.

Don’t be caught off guard in the heat of the moment without your rubbers!  Condoms are inexpensive, can easily be hidden in a drawer, and have a long shelf life.  Find the best condoms for you, and make sure to keep a stock on hand at all time.