Age To Buy Condoms: How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Condoms

Age To Buy Condoms: How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Condoms?

For those who are wondering what the legal age to buy condoms is, can you make a guess? Most would say that it’s probably 18 and above.  But the reality is that people of all ages are sexually active, and anyone sexually active and should use a condom.  How old do you have to be to buy condoms?  We explore this question below.

The Right Age to Buy Condoms

Well, the truth is, there’s actually no age restriction or prescription needed to buy condoms. However, there’s no denying that most of us, especially the minors, would definitely feel awkward going into the aisles of a grocery store to pick a condom or check the options available before making a purchase.

Just like any other items found in a convenience store, condoms are easy to buy, and you can get them almost anywhere. If you’re uncomfortable getting them at the grocery store, well, you have other places where you can get your protection. Condoms can be bought online, in supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, doctor’s offices, community health centers, and even in washroom stalls’ vending machines.

Getting condoms is a good thing; it only shows that you’re a responsible adult and would want to protect yourself and your partner. You shouldn’t be ashamed of this, and if you’re a minor and you’re having ‘trouble’ getting condoms because you don’t want to be judged, then you should visit the community centers and/or doctors and ask for one. Some local student organizations also offer condoms for free.  You may be wondering how old do you have to be to buy condoms.  There is no age minimum to buy condoms.

Buying Condoms With A Credit Card Underage

Despite the fact that people are becoming more comfortable with sex, some parents would definitely raise their eyebrows the moment they discover that their children bought a condom using their credit card without their permission.  Although there isn’t any age restriction when getting condoms, using your parents’ credit card is still illegal and fraudulent.  however, your parents would definitely forgive you for that. However, you ought to consider that it’s rude to use your parents’ money without their permission, as it’s not different from stealing. Have some little respect, and just think of other ways on how you can get your condom.

Consider buying a prepaid debit card for purchases you’d like to make online, including condoms and personal lubricants.  This is a great way to be anonymous when purchasing anything online.

Condoms Are Not a “Legal Device” with Age Restriction

Condoms are not labeled as medical devices. Although they are heavily regulated by the FDA for durability and safety, condoms are considered as “health/beauty” items. That means that condoms are legal to purchase, no matter how old you are– just like any beauty products, such as shampoo or lotion. The same goes for lubricants.

Though, if you still don’t have the courage to buy condoms from physical stores, then just get them online. However, the problem would be, if you’re under 18, you aren’t allowed to have a credit card yet, so it’s ideal to just get a prepaid VISA card, or a debit card.  The reality is that if you’re mature enough to search how old do you have to be to buy condoms, you’re old enough to buy them in person at a local retailer.

Buy Condoms Online At Any Age

Purchasing using a prepaid VISA card is quite convenient and simple, you just have to place an order online, input the card number, and click DONE. However, if you’re already a penny pincher despite your young age, then getting a debit card would be better. Not only can you use it for your “condom needs,” it’s also a great way to start saving money.

Paying by money order is also possible. Basically, you just have to place an order online, input your address, and you’ll be prompted to make a bank deposit. You just have to get to your local bank– which is less embarrassing than actually buying a condom from the store. As for receiving your package, don’t worry, they’re often sent in a brown box or envelope and your parents won’t suspect a thing.  How old do you have to be to buy condoms online?  There’s no age limit, but you may run into challenges placing and order when under eighteen years of age.

Why Buy a Condom Even if You’re Under Age?

The moment you hit puberty, that means you can already impregnate someone, and it’s better safe than sorry. Condoms are the cheapest and simplest form of birth control, and it can also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. The price for condoms is based on the brand of condom, quantity, and type.

For a larger box of condoms, each would roughly cost you around a dollar, but a smaller pack costs more per condom. Condoms usually cost around $2-6 per pack. So, if you’re a sexually active teenager, it would be wise to stock up on condoms, especially if you think you’re going to use it often.  There is no age to buy condoms, as anyone who is sexually active can and should use them.

We’ve answered in this article a couple common questions. What is the minimum age to buy condoms? How old do you have to be to buy condoms? The answer to both of these is that there is no minimum age to buy condoms.