Where Can I Buy Condoms?

Where Can I Buy Condoms?

Buying affordable and quality male condoms can be very difficult if you wait until the need arises to purchase them. Whether you are looking for cheap condoms, non latex condoms, Trojan condoms, Skyn condoms, small condoms, xxl condoms, bulk condoms, or simply the best condoms, it is possible to buy condoms online or find a condom store near you today.  We answer the question where can I buy condoms below.

Whether you are buying condoms for the first time, or are an experienced user who wants to find the best deal on condoms, the information below will discuss all of the different places to buy condoms, either online or locally. If you need to learn how to use a condom, what you should pay for a condom or even the best place to purchase condoms, this page will serve as a resource in helping you.

Where Can I Buy Condoms In-Person:

Each of the below locations will be best for the people who don’t want to wait for shipping. Just keep in mind that the open hours, although usually held the same at any location, is always subject to change. If you are running out of time to purchase condoms today, 7-Eleven is usually the best place to purchase male condoms since they are typically open 24 hours a day.

Locations Open Hours Store Locator
Walgreens 8am – 10pm Walgreens Locator
Walmart 8am – 10pm Walmart Locator
Target 8am – 12am Target Locator
7-Eleven 24 Hours 7-Eleven Locator
Safeway 7am – 10pm Safeway Locator
Costco 10am – 8:30pm Costco Locator
Sam’s Club 7am – 10pm Sam’s Club Locator
Albertsons Varies by location Albertsons Locator
Kroger Grocery Stores Varies by location Kroger Store Locator
Rite-Aid 8am – 7pm Rite-Aid Locator
CVS 8am – 9pm CVS Locator

Where Can I Buy Condoms Online

If you order condoms online you can research the condom prices before deciding where can i buy condoms. Online marketplaces have their own perks. For example, if you want to see all Trojan condoms, browse through discount condoms, see condom reviews, or see the best condoms for her, there are many perks of buying condoms online. If you are looking for the best condom possible, shopping online beats the hassle of having to pick between whatever brands a local store has available.

Locations Open Hours Store Location
Amazon 24 Hours Amazon Store
Walmart 24 Hours Walmart Store
Walgreens 24 Hours Walgreens Store
Rite-Aid 24 Hours Rite-Aid Store
CVS 24 Hours CVS Store
CondomUSA 24 Hours CondomUSA Store
Undercover Condoms 24 Hours Undercover Condoms Store
Rip N Roll 24 Hours Rip N Roll Store
The Condom Man 24 Hours The Condom Man Store
Condom Depot 24 Hours Condom Depot Store
All Condoms 24 Hours All Condoms Store

Should I Buy Condoms Online or In-Person?

If you are still unsure where buy condoms, consider your personal circumstances. Everyone will use contraceptive protection at one point in their life, and you shouldn’t be ashamed about your desire to buy condom contraceptives.

That being said, condom prices tend to be easier to research and compare online. If you have the extra time before you need to use your condoms, you can end up saving a lot of money by purchasing in bulk online. The best part about this is you can buy discreetly and have them delivered to your door without a mention on the package that you purchased condoms.  If you’re wondering if where can i buy condoms, online is one of the best options.

In either case, there will always be condoms for sale that you can purchase on a moment’s notice. If time is of the essence, buying in-person is your best option. If you have the extra time and don’t mind waiting for shipping, buying condoms online can save you a lot of money in the long-run.

Other Contraceptive Options

In today’s age, there are many different options besides purchasing condoms. Many people would be surprised to learn that there are now female condoms. That’s right, condoms for women are a relatively new form of contraception that can be safely worn within the vagina and eliminate the need for a male condom. The female condom is, however, a little more difficult to use than birth control pills, contraceptive film, or IUDs, and many women will choose to pursue one of the latter options instead. However, if you want to figure out where buy female condoms you should look through one of the many online condom stores.

When you consider the fact that unwanted diseases, children, and other problems can result from unprotected sex, it is important that you discuss contraceptive options and medical history with your sexual partner before engaging in any sort of unprotected sexual activity. Because of all of the variables, both known and unknown, using a condom is always the safest decision with new sexual partners. Unless you can figure out another form of contraceptive between you and your partner that will satisfy both of your needs, it is best to always use a condom.

Where Can I Buy Condoms Conveniently?

In consideration of the above information, the best place where can i buy condoms is subject to your personal needs, budget, and available time. Since many of your local stores have strict hours of operation, buying locally is not always the easiest thing to do.  Keep in mind that if you want to buy a specially-designed condom, like condoms with benzocaine, polyurethane condoms, or Durex condoms, you might have a greater difficulty purchasing locally since they aren’t as widely used when compared to other types of condoms.

Two of the most common products that you will find locally are Trojans condoms and/or a personal lubricant of some sort. Perhaps in the future, we will be able to consider taking a stroll down the street and picking up something fancy like a spray on condom, but until then we will be using the classic design. These are made to help prevent things like HIV and AIDs, unwanted pregnancy, and STDs.

  • Walmart, Target, or a Grocery Store
    Practically every Walmart or Target you will come across will have condoms for sale. The tricky part for purchasing condoms in one of these stores is finding them since most are fairly big and can be hard to navigate around. Since many of these stores have a self-checkout, you won’t have to worry about nosy shoppers or employees judging you for your purchase.
  • Pharmacy Stores Like Walgreens, Rite-Aid, or CVS
    Pharmacy stores are one of the most consistently easy places to find a decent selection of condoms, including Trojan brand condoms, rubber condoms, lubricated condoms, or really of the typical products you might see from any of the top condom brands.
  • 7-Eleven or Other 24-Hour Convenience Stores
    These are probably the most consistent local condom stores that you will be able to find. Since stores like 7-Eleven are open 24 hours a day, time will never be an issue next time you need to purchase condoms outside of normal business hours. This option is best reserved for the brave individual who doesn’t mind the potential judgments of other people.
  • Wholesale Stores Like Costco or Sam’s Club
    A perk about wholesale stores is that you are able to buy things in bulk. The same is held true for condoms. If you are able to pay for the membership fee required to enter a wholesale store like Costco or Sam’s Club, you will be able to purchase your condoms at the wholesale price. Just keep in mind that condoms are not everlasting, and have a shelf life ranging from 3 – 5 years where they will be most efficiently used.
  • Online Sites like Amazon and Undercover Condoms
    Buying condoms online is becoming a more popular option for several reasons. For starters, you can browse through all of the different brands and types, and purchase condoms that are perfectly matching your needs. It is a lot easier to specially order certain types of condoms on online sites, including her pleasure condoms, textured condoms, flavored condoms, and even some of the most expensive condoms which offer unparalleled protection.

How Much Do Condoms Cost?

Condoms are not always the cheapest thing to purchase unless you buy them in bulk. In any case, you shouldn’t have to spend more than one dollar per condom. If you are wanting to cut back on costs, it is possible to purchase them for 50 cents or less per condom.

How to Use a Condom

Using a condom properly is crucial to avoid unwanted problems. If you are purchasing condoms for the first time and are a little unsure how to use them, do not worry. Everybody needs to learn how to use a condom correctly at some point, and there is no shame in learning at a different time than another person. In a nutshell, this is how you use a condom correctly:

  • Check the expiration date

Condoms don’t last forever, and before you use a condom you should make sure that it hasn’t expired. This can save you a lot of problems in the long run if you develop this habit every time you use a condom.

  • Make sure the penis is fully erect

In order to ensure that you properly use your condom and that it doesn’t come off prematurely during intercourse, never put on a condom and begin sexual activity until you are fully erect and then able to properly put on the condom.

  • Open the packet carefully

Although this may sound easy, just be sure to open your packet slowly and carefully. If you rush yourself it is possible to rip the condom and making it useless. Remember that each condom you have is roughly worth a dollar, use them sparingly!

  • Roll on the Condom

This is the most important part of the job. Your condom will come in its package rolled up so that it can be easily rolled onto the penis. The difficult part about this is making sure you place the condom on the right way before trying to roll it. It should roll down smoothly and fit firmly. There might be extra rubber space at the end. This is fine, just leave it rolled up as it is at the base.

If the condom doesn’t roll down smoothly and quickly you probably put it on inside out. Never take a condom off that was on inside out and use it since it will likely still have pre-cum on it, which is capable of making your partner pregnant without ejaculating.

Thanks to the wonderful developments in the information era, humanity is now able to share knowledge with each other privately without the need for an awkward discussion or demonstration. That being said, beginner condom users might benefit from seeing another man putting on condom so that they can see the technique that is needed to correctly and safely use a condom.

  • Lubricate the Condom

Depending on what type of condom you purchase, this may not always be necessary. Some condoms come heavily lubricated, others don’t. Sometimes they lose their lubrication over the course of use and can be safely lubricated during the course of sexual activity as long as you keep in on properly. In any case, you want to make sure that your condom stays lubricated otherwise you will take the risk of it coming off or breaking altogether.

  • Properly Dispose of the Condom

Once you are finished, all you need to do is properly dispose of your condom. This can be done rather easily, but still, requires careful practice. Using both hands, slowly pull off the condom by pulling both from the base and the head of the condom, and make sure it slides off without spilling sexual fluids.


If you want to learn where can I buy condoms or the best place buy condoms, you have options that are based both locally and on the internet. Although there are various other means of providing both you and your partner with contraceptive care, condoms are one of the most commonly used and traditional means of engaging in protected sexual activity. Condom prices are affordable for people of all budget types, and they can be purchased at any time of the day. Next time you are buying condoms make sure to keep the above information in mind, and never again be in a position where you don’t know where can I buy condoms.